• Koki Uchiyama
    The adopted son of Baron Teo Schwarzer, a noble from Ymir in Erebonia's North, he's the "Ashen Chevalier," a title gained in the Erebonian civil war, making him an Imperial hero. His firm yet modest personality stems from his unknown background, feeling undeserving of his Baron status as an adoptee. He's selfless to a fault, often seen as simple-minded despite his stoic demeanor, yet he has a captivating charm that resonates with others, especially women. His childhood under Giliath Osborne and Kasha was happy until a tragic incident at five left him near death, saved by Osborne's heart transplant. Taken in by Baron Teo, he carries the weight of being a rescued orphan, shaping his growth.
  • Makoto Koichi
    Members of the Northern Jaeger Haliask's stationed unit. A person with extreme confidence, self-reliance, and a domineering personality. Rarely discussing oneself and showing little interest in others, she prefers to act alone and doesn't hesitate to disobey orders or commit crimes to accomplish a mission, earning her a reputation as a troublemaker within the team. As the granddaughter of the "North Ambria Hero" Vlad Winslet, she inherits extraordinary combat abilities. She can quickly learn new skills after observing or hearing about them.
  • Yuichi Nakamura
    As the supervisor of the Juvenile Jaeger Squad, he holds the responsibility of coordinating and managing the activities of Lavi and others. Driven by his sense of leadership, he diligently oversees the management of operational funds. However, he often finds himself in the tight spot because of of Iseria and Lavi, leading to frequent hardships that he must bear alone. He possesses deep compassion and excellent combat abilities. He quietly supports the actions of his team members without seeking recognition.
  • Sarah Emi Bridcutt
    A member of the stationed unit within the Northern Jaeger Haliask. She's deeply interested in cute things and fashion, often expressing her preferences openly. She enjoys pranks and has a tendency to spend money freely, even if it means staying in a hotel while others sleep on the streets, she doesn't see any issue with indulging herself. Despite her outward demeanor, she is very gentle and earnestly takes care of people. While she may appear to lack strong motivation to participate in missions, she actually deeply cares about the future of North Ambria. Additionally, she possesses a strong sense of justice, despite not appearing to be so.
  • Yuki Ono
    Member of the Northern Jaeger Haliask's stationed unit. He's known for valuing and defending what's important to him. With a straightforward personality, he exhibits gentleness and consideration towards others. However, his kindness and honesty often render him vulnerable to being taken advantage of. Upon joining the Northern Jaegers, Talion faced challenges due to his poor health, resulting in below-average shooting and combat skills. Nevertheless, through relentless effort, he surpassed the standard level of proficiency. To further accentuate his strengths, he opted to specialize in hand-to-hand combat, crafting his unique fighting style.


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